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My boyfriend's concern about oral cancer

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My boyfriend's concern about oral cancer

Hi all,


I had a rapid progression from normal to CIN3 in a year. In september, I found out I was HPV + and after a colposcopy, learned I was at CIN3. I jst underwent my LEEP procedure and am waiting to hear back.

My boyfriend has tried to be supportive, but lately he's seemed more focused on the risk of contracting oral cancer (from oral sex, me receiving). I keep telling him that I was under a lot of stress and that's why my body didn't fight it off but he most likely has or will. And he can get the vaccine to prevent further infection. He seems set on the idea that even though I had a weak immune system, maybe it was a "more aggressive" version of whatever strain it was. I'm in medical school and Ic an tell you I don't think that happens, but I've been reading up on it. 

I don't know what to do or tell him. I got a cryptic response from my ob/gyn saying "just avoid for now"...so no oral sex ever? If he carries it orally, no kissing? I'm still getting over my whole experience and now I feel like a sexual leper. And he hasn't been supportive because he's too preoccupied with possibly having oral cancer and not being able to get tested for it.

I don't know what to do, what to tell him, or how to feel.

Any support or information would be appreciated. 

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