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New diagnosis hpv

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New diagnosis hpv

In September 2017 I was diagnosed with HPV, cin 1. I been learning more about this by reading. My first tube getting results like this from a pap. I been a widow for 8 years. Just when I feel strong enough to date, I get this told to me. I believe I got it from this guy I was having sex with for 2 years. One day during sex, he said he wanted to tell me something personal. He told me he just had sex with someone. ....are you kidding me?! I was hurt and pushed him off me. So lately I cry because two things. I'm not educated in the HPV very well. So I read as much as I can. The other...I met someone I really like. He hasn't asked to have sex yet but I have a feeling he will. Having a Hard time thinking of how to approach this. When I think about it, I cry a little and get a little anxiety. I go in for my 6 month check up. I still been feeling some pain. I been finding out what foods and OTC med's to take. In hopes it'll clear. Feeling Sad in Alaska. I'm 54 years old. Any comments to help. Thank You.

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