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Oral sex transmission

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Oral sex transmission

I got the lletz for my cin2

Eventually Tested “negative” for hpv and had clear margins after procedure 

and just started having protected vaginal sex with new partner 


BUT he performs oral sex on me without dental dam or kitchen wrap


is he at risk for contracting oral HPV from my genital HPv? Will it start developing into oral cancer? 



3/11/19- age 25- abnormal pap, high risk hpv positive

4/1/19 - colposcopy, lots of white areas, 2 punch biopsies, awaiting results


4/10/19 - cin 2, debating on whether to get lletz/leep or not due to averse affects on sex life and fertility and possibility of natural regression


4/29/19 - received lletz/leep, awaiting results


5/2 - clear margins in exocervix, unsure about endocervix


pcos, on sprintec BCP


More Information

Moving forward from a cancer dignosis