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Struggling with my husband....

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Struggling with my husband....

I didn't know where to post this, so I figured I would post it here. 

I found out I had HPV nearly 10 years ago while in college. Within 6 months, my paps we're clear and have been ever since, until last month. It has been upsetting to me because I found out I had high risk HPV 16. All these years with it not showing up in my paps, I thought I was in the clear. Tomorrow I have my colopscopy scheduled. 

Here is my issue. My husband has been very supportive throughout this whole thing. But he has a chronic illness himself (ulcerative colitis.) When he has flair ups he often gets sores in his mouth and throat. He suffers from GERD too. His whole body is currently inflamed due to what he says is a flair up. Knees and joints hurt. Sores in his mouth. However, I can't help but wonder if it is also HPV related. I'm paranoid because he already has an autoimmune disorder that his body won't fight off the HPV infection (assuming he has it.) I'm paranoid he will develop throat cancer. All these worries it's making me a mess. 

Has anyone experienced Issues with HPV along with an autoimmune disorder? I plan to talk to my gyno about it tomorrow but I would love to hear some input.

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Hi, I can understand your concern that you’ve may caused your husband’s health issues, but HPV doesn’t cause GERD nor ulcerative colitis. High risk HPV favours the genital areas (vagina, cervix, penis and anal) and back of the throat (this is more rare). For someone to become infected, the virus must have a conduit into the cells (e.g. break in the skin). Not all infected people develop symptoms nor do they have a persistent infection, as most will clear it within 2 years. Unfortunately, there’s not present testing for men.

I hope your gynaecologist has put you at ease.

All the best and good luck.

1996 PCOS & bicornuate uterus

1998 laparoscopic ovarian drilling

1999 IUI fertility treatment 

2012-2014 3 positive smears at CIN1 with HR HPV, but 3 negative colposcopies

2015 1 negative smear, back to 3 yearly screening

May 2018 positive smear at CIN3

June 2018 LLETZ: inflammation at 6mm

Aug 2018 LLETZ: CIN3 without satisfactory clear deep margins at 12 mm

Oct 5th 2018 LAV Hysterectomy - HPV abnormal cells only

Nov 2018 1st Gardasil 9

Jan 2019 2nd vaccine dose

April 2019 Vault smear 

May 2019 3rd vaccine dose

June 2019 No VAIN but HPV active

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I wish you all the best!

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