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Struggling with sex and intimacy after cervical cancer?

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Struggling with sex and intimacy after cervical cancer?

Here at Jo's we know that many women after treatment for cervical cancer struggle finding their new normal sexually. One of the reasons for this is because sex is a topic we don't talk enough about, so we find it hard to ask for help when treatment has affected our sex lives. That's why at Let's Meet (15 Spetember) our annual information and support day we have Dr. Isabel White a psychosexuual therapist from The Royal Marsden to help break the taboo and offer you the information and support you need.

In this session you can sit back and listen to a talk from Isabel where she will:
• Summarise the main sexual consequences associated with cervical cancer and its treatment
• Explore management of the most common sexual difficulties women/couples may experience, including: loss of interest in sex/being sexual; vaginal changes and sexual pain; changes in orgasm; and sexual fear/avoidance
• Focus on the practical things women/couples can do to support their sexual recovery after diagnosis and treatment.

There will also be time for all of your questions, or you can just listen to others questions. We run this session twice over the day, so you can choose to come to either one just for women, or one open to both women and men. 

This is a free event and you can find out more here, where you can also register a place for you and a plus one.
Any questions please do just get in touch.

Best wishes,

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