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Telling a partner

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Telling a partner

I'm normally careful and have the HPV talk with future partners but....b had a dumb drunken moment (I never get this drunk.. In fact, I rarely drink and am an extreme light weight). I ended up having unprotected sex which I regret simply in the stupidity of it. Just not my way to do things.


Fortunately, very recently I came back as clear so my high risk hpv is dormant, however, things are pursuing with this guy in our connection. I have avoided sex since but there's only so long I can keep that up without being asked the why.


How does one go about the "talk" in this scenario? Given the not so great choice of unprotected sex, I don't know how to have this chat while explaining he's ok given being dormant. I don't know if he's educated in this at all so how would you tell someone?


Also, have you had this happen? If so, how did it go?


Again, not my proudest moment.


Thank you for this question cause I’m in a similar situation right now. I’ve been wondering if he IS ok if it’s dormant? My HPV is negative now too. 

Did you already have your talk? 

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