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Awaiting urgent referral scan

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Awaiting urgent referral scan

Hi I'm new to this so will try to keep it short my partner has been I'll for awhile but last Friday went to doctors who did a feel of her belly and said could feel something so did a internal examination off her cervix and said could feel a lump so urgent referral to hospital got a transvaginal scan on the 13th since then I have convinced myself I'm going to lose her and will be on my own with our children cant sleep feel sick the only symptoms really was bleeding occasionally after sex and the need to urinate more she feel behind with her smears and I feel this is apart of to blame why this happened and she definitely has cancer has anyone been through the same and found out it wasnt the dreaded word or if so what happens next I'm so scared of losing her she is my soulmate best friend and lover all in one many thanks 


Hi,  I have been through similar things myself recently so I understand all the thoughts and feelings which are going through your head right now...   I'm not medical so I can't offer any advice on your partner's situation, to be honest I don't think anybody can apart from the medical team who are now taking care of her...   And that is something you should remember, there is a medical team taking care of her now whatever may be going on with her!

 In my experience the hardest part of everything for me and my partnerw was the waiting, you will probably have to wait for results and scans and appointments etc...  That's just how it is, sosexpect it andatry not to freak out in the mean time, most ppl will tell you to try to stay strong and keep positive...  All good advice but I think it is only normal for your mind to wander to the worst case scenario, I know mine did and I found it very difficult at times... My advice is not to try and control your thoughts but just recognise when they are getting out of control and thinking up things which haven't happened. If it starts with 'what if' then it is make believe - it hasn't happened, and that thought is no good for you, what if's can go on forever.... have you been told that it could be cervical cancer?

Feel free to msg back I'm happy to chat and will answer anything I can...