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Partner with CIN3 on third operation. Any support advice?

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Partner with CIN3 on third operation. Any support advice?

Hi there, 

I acknowledge CIN3 is not cancer, however in my partner's case it is still extremely terrifying for her, and I'm just wanting some advice on how to help her out. 

She's had two operation this year (March and August) and was told in each case there was a 2% failure rate. She has now been told she needs to have a 3rd operation this Wednesday. Each operation has been a LLETZ procedure.  She has seen a lot of different doctors and specialists since first diagnosed (through the public system in Australia) and in some cases had, if not contrary, varying degrees of empathy and been told she didn't need to worry. In one case the surgeon came and saw her in the public waiting room and asked what she was doing there and said she had nothing to worry about, essentially dismissing her. This was between the first and second surgeries, and made her feel like she was overreacting. As it turned out, she was right to be concerned. The same surgeon performed the second operation.  

I have taken her to a private gynocologist recently to get a second opinion before having her third operation this week. He said that she could leave it and see him in six months, however there is a 1% chance it could progress. My understanding from Dr. Google is that CIN3 progresses into cervical cancer. Given the 2% failure rate she was given on the previous procedures, 1% isn't giving her any sense of safety at all. 

Unfortunately it is also my understanding that she may not be able to have children at all after this third operation, which is devestating to her. She does have a 'long cervix' according to one of her specialists. I don't know what this means or whether it affects the chances of successfully carrying a child to term. 

Any advice at all would be very much appreciated. She worries a lot and if she's just going to be anxious for the next six months and then have to have the procedure anyway, i'm erring on the side of telling her to have it. I personally dont want to recommend anything one way or another for her. I don't have the qualifications and it seems like a momentous decision. If she put it off in order to try and have a child and then got full blown cervical cancer I would feel responsible. :-( 

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond. 








Hi D

well big props for being such a great partner and being so supportive!!! High five. 

I'm curious of a few things. When they performed the first procedure were the edges of the biopsy not clear so they went ahead and did a second? Were the results from the second procedure still not with clear margines? We're the edges clear but not enough to say that the procedure was a success?? These are questions she should be asking. 

If the margines were clear at the edges but just not giving a suitable amount of clear to get the success the dr wanted then I would personally wait 6 mths but if the edges were still CIN 3 without any good tissue then I don't see the point in waiting to have the procedure. Yes, if she is planning to try for a baby in the next year I would consider maybe waiting but if she is not sure about when she would be trying then it is necessary to have this procedure done. 

Ask loads and loads of questions about the results and about fertility. 

Good luck to you both. 

March 8/16: postpartum pap clear

May 10/16: abnormal looking cells while putting in mirena under GA biopsy taken

May 18/16: severe dyskaryosis CIN3

June 9/16 :lletz procedure under LA

June 20/16: results from lletz shows cancer,waiting for mri

July5/16:staged at 2b, no lymph node involvement 

July18/16:started chemo/rad

sept6/16:finished 5 chemo,25 external rad,5 extra boosts,4brachy

sept.... The waiting begins.