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Rebecca shoosmith
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Welcome to a new area of the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust online forum specifically for the partners of women who have received a cervical cancer diagnosis. We hope that the forum will provide you with an opportunity to share information and support.

This area of the forum is private and cannot accessed without given permission and a password. Therefore, we ask you to respect one another's privacy and not give access to anyone so that we can maintain confidentiality and anonymity to those who use the forum. Members found to be giving access to unregistered service users will have their access restricted immediately.

We ask that, prior to posting, you read our forum protocols that can be found on the index page of our main forum. We hope that you find this resource helpful. If you have any queries regarding the forum or any other part of our work, please contact me at [email protected].

Best wishes Rebecca

Rebecca Shoosmith
Head of Support Services & Deputy Chief Executive
Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Hi there, 


I posted something to this thread but it hasn't shown up. Does it take time to appear? I'm very keen for some advice. :-(