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CGIN 2 x LLETZ = clear margins

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CGIN 2 x LLETZ = clear margins

More than 3 weeks post LLETZ I was still waiting for a letter confirming my histology so I decided to call the Secretaries today and ask what the results were.  I'm very happy to report I have clear margins after my second LLETZ treatment and will be seen again in the colposcopy clinic in September for a smear.  

  • 12/12/20 Cervical Smear Test
  • 12/1/21 Cervical Smear Results CGIN
  • 26/1/21 Booked for Colposcopy
  • 25/1/21 Colposcopy appointment cancelled 
  • 27/1/21 Colposcopy LLETZ procedure for CGIN.  Size 12 loop 1cm depth.
  • 12/02/21High Grade CGIN confirmed.
  • 16/2/21 Lateral margins clear, endocervical margins unclear.  Further LLETZ to be scheduled.
  • Second LLETZ scheduled for 19/3/21
  • Second LLETZ procedure 19/3/21.  Size 12 loop.
  • 12/04/21 Clear Margins.  Recall for smear in colposcopy clinic in September. 

Hooray! Glad to hear you've got clear margins.






Brilliant news!!!!  Xxxxx

January 2021 First ever abnormal smear (following intermittent bleeding which has since been proven to be the pill) - HPV positive and cell changes 

February 2021 Colposcopy which showed glandular cell changes, Lletz carried out during appointment

April 2021 Results confirmed second procedure required as no clear margins, awaiting date 



Great news xx 


Thats fantastic positive news 👏 

Sarah carroll


That's fantastic news! 💕XxxxX

Lemon Lavender

I'm so happy for you kult. Such fabulous newsxxx

6/1 LLETZ 

14/4 1a1 cancer

26/4 LLETZ & endo biopsies 

Diary of experience: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum/cervical-screening-smear-test/what-were-your-waiting-times