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Cin3 treatment and recovery

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Cin3 treatment and recovery

Sarah 25 recently just found out i had cin3 changes after getting my coloscopy treatment wich was quiet painful so had the lletz heated loop treatment 2 days ago I was nervous going in but the girls were so kind and lovely and made me feel completely at ease have had bad cramping stronger than period cramps kinda like the contractions when your starting to go into in to labour last few days and moderate bleeding has any one else experienced this?.also feel they don't tell you much about the emotional impact of it got home and cried for the whole day just feel vulnerable and sort of like iv been violated in some way anyone else has these emotions maybe because its such a private area .feedback greatly appreciated thanks 😊 X

Sarah carroll


Hi Sarah

Hope you're feeling a bit better now and if you've any worries re bleeding etc def get in touch with your GP or nurse as it might at least put your mind at rest. 

I think it must depend on your NHS Trust but I got a leaflet post LLETZ which had a paragraph stating clearly that it was very normal to feel emotional and weepy post treatment and nurse supporting said same, reminding me that this wasn't just a trivial little operation and needed to be v good to myself afterwards. So think it's very normal to have a whole range of emotions and questions etc. The Forum is good for support and there is some info on the site about the treatment.

Hope you're doing okay and take care xxx