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Hospital Liaison Service

Hospital Liaison ServiceAs a result of informal feedback from our users, we are looking to explore the potential/need to develop a new service (Hospital Liaison Service) for women and their loved ones affected by a cervical cancer diagnosis, which would be based in hospitals.

As part of the process we set up a small steering group of experts to provide their initial thoughts and feedback on this service. We are now seeking further feedback from the women who would most benefit from the service and from healthcare professionals working in this field.

The aim of the service would be to offer increased and personalised local support for the woman, their family and partner, as an addition to the excellent care they receive from their hospital team. We also see this as a way to support the medical community through offering another information opportunity to patients. The service could help to signpost other services offered by the hospital, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, and other organsiations. It would offer psychological benefit to patients, help to reduce isolation, provide a time to talk and offer more general support.

This service would be available to those affected and their loved ones, both together or individually. This is important as we know from our recent work that there are needs of partners wanting to gain support just for themselves – this service would help fill that gap.

The service would be run by a paid member of our staff who would ideally have a medical background, as we know the role would require a range of skills that someone, say a former clinical nurse specialist or cancer nurse, would have.

We asked for those living with or beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis, along with relevant healthcare professionals, to complete our two surveys to give us feedback and insight from those whom this potential new service may impact the most.

These surveys are now closed and the feedback was incredibly positive. We are now looking into funding and other aspects in order to assess further potential for the role.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete our surveys, your feedback and input is really important in helping us to reach and support even more women. If you would like to know more about this potential service, the surveys or any other aspect of our work, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Date last updated: 
30 Jan 2014