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Application for the 2019 Cervical Screening Awards

The closing date for applications is 13th September 2019.

Please provide as much detail as possible, including the name of your community group or organisation, contact information and the category(ies) you wish to apply for.

Please note, submissions must relate to local projects or campaigns only, the awards are not for national initiatives.

Community Group/Organisation’s details:

Main contact’s details:

Name of your project/campaign:

All submissions must pertain to projects/campaigns which have promoted or encouraged participation in cervical screening or helped to increase cervical screening awareness.

Please select the award category that you wish to submit your entry for:

This new award is for a project or campaign which aims to address and/or reduce health inequalities in under-represented, diverse and marginalised groups/communities, or promote inclusivity.

This new award is for a project or campaign which effectively engages with populations in a new or original way.  This could also include innovative use of technology, or partnership work.

This new award is for a project or campaign in which the views and perspectives of its intended recipients/audience fed into its development.  User engagement should have taken place at two or more stages of project/campaign development which includes; scope, design and content, implementation and evaluation.

This new award is for a project or campaign in which its proposed recipients/audience, actively worked in collaboration with the lead organisation to co-design, produce and/or deliver the intervention.

Special award for anyone; community group, GP surgery, CCG team or individual etc. who has gone above and beyond to address low cervical screening uptake within their community.

This category can also be used for any project which doesn’t fit within categories A-D.

An overall prize will be be chosen by the judges will be selected from winners of all categories only.

You must add at least 2 supporting documents for your application.

Please email any supporting documents to [email protected]