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Debra's story

Debra and her husband Neil trekked the Great Wall of China in 2011 in support of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer I had just been awarded my kickboxing black belt. I was 34 and had recently left a well paid job to set up on my own as a personal trainer.

At the time I felt I was indestructible, and that's the point: cervical cancer does not care how fit or strong you are. But Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust does care and that's why I will continue to raise awareness about the importance of regular smear tests.

Had I not visited my GP because I'd been feeling generally under the weather I would not be alive now to point out the importance of regular smear tests and nor would I have been around to raise over £6,000 for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust by trekking along the Great Wall of China.

The trek was absolutely amazing. Classic Tours were great, the guide, the charity representative and the doctor were all very helpful, approachable and fun.

It was quite challenging and the terrain was varied including the restored parts of the wall, the 'wild' wall and the 'obstacle' walls, which made for a very interesting itinerary as every day was different. At one point we travelled only 1km in distance but climbed over 700m! Many parts were very steep and there seemed to be a never ending staircase with steps made for giants to climb over, but the scenery was breathtaking.  Neil and I stayed another week in central Beijing to sightsee which rounded off a great trip.

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Tuesday, 19 February, 2013

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