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Sarah's story

In what way do you volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and what does it entail?

Sarah & Team

I have done a few fundraising events for Jo's including a coffee morning and a cycle ride.

For the coffee morning we had about 50 people come to our house and there was a raffle, a "guess the sweets in a jar" game, and we sold things friends made. There was also a cake sale and we had leaflets from Jo's for people to take away. In one morning we made about £450 which was fantastic.

The cycle event we did was a 150 mile cycle in April this year, from Portslade to Paris and my husband and friends got a team of nine together. This raised about £4000 and it was incredible to welcome them in Paris after all their efforts.

How did you become a volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and subsequently found out about Jo's and their support services. After I had my surgery and felt better I really wanted to raise funds and awareness for Jo's.

Has there been a particularly striking moment/experience during your work as a volunteer? If so what was it?

What really surprised me after going through treatment and starting to fundraise is the friends that told me they had been delaying their screening. I just couldn’t believe it, every time I found out I just thought, "really? You've seen what I've been through and still haven't been?" That's why I think the work Jo's does and the information they offer is so great. It's just so important to inform women which Jo's does.

What would you tell someone who is not sure yet if they should volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

I'd say, do what you're passionate about. We love cycling so we did the Portslade to Paris cycle. Alternatively, if you're not sure, do something that's been done before like the coffee morning. You'll be able to find lots of help and ideas online from people who've done it before you. Most importantly do it because it means something to you.

My aim now is to do something every six months and keep the activity going.

Find out more about fundraising for Jo's here

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Friday, 22 May, 2015

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