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Ted's story

Angela, Ted & daughter EmmaTed's wife Angela was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2013, losing her battle to the disease in November the same year. Here, Ted tells us how his wife's death motivated him to fundraise for Jo's:

"Soon after Angela had passed away, Angela's sister Julie and I sat together wanting to do something. Julie started a Tribute Fund for Angela where people can leave their messages and donate money. The messages are a great way for us to remember her but also a great thing for our daughter Emma to read about the people who loved her mum so much. The money we decided would go to Jo's, which Angela had discovered during her journey. She used the charity's forum quite a lot and found comfort in reading and talking to other ladies who were going through the same thing. It was the only charity that was dedicated to cervical cancer and even though Jo's isn't doing research into a cure, I believe awareness and support is just as important. We thought doing this would have been exactly what Angela wanted. Jo's information was also invaluable to me as a partner as I often wanted to research in more depth treatment options as well as read other women's stories and how they coped. It gives you hope and support.

After setting up the tribute fund page and receiving the first donations I decided to organise my own events and fundraise even more. I'm quite well connected through work and not particularly shy so I sent all my business contact, friends and suppliers an email telling them about Angela, myself and little Emma and it was quite easy to get people motivated to help out. I initially sent them a link to the tribute page which Julie had set up and asked for things that can be auctioned off. I ended up with so much stuff I had to do two lots of auctions on eBay.

I then also started organising a golf day. I talked to the golf club which I'd been involved with before about prices for teams of four to go on the golf course, for example if the entry fee for a team of four cost £100 I'd sell tickets for £200 a team. I would then take the extra £100 as charitable fundraising. I also had a prize draw people could enter. The day was so popular there were 30 teams of four and the day made about £1,000.

I also organised a wine tasting evening which made between £3- 4,000 and not a day went past without someone emailing me that they wanted to get involved.

Before long we had raised £7,000, it was great. You obviously have to weigh up the effort put in with things such as finding a venue ensuring that the amount raised is decent, but luckily it always worked out fine for us and we learnt with every event the kind of things that worked.

I always received help from Julie and Angela's family and friends in general. We call each other Team Emma because we want Emma to see the incredible things people do in memory of her mother.

In a way, fundraising for Jo's has helped me cope with the loss. It just kept me busy. I'm not the type of person to deal with things by curling up into a ball and crying and I had to be strong for Emma so I just immersed myself in fundraising. I want Emma to look back and be proud.

The proudest moment from all the fundraising was probably when we finished the Great South Run in October 2014. It was almost one year after Angela's death and neither myself, Julie or Guy had ever run such a race before. It was incredibly exhausting but crossing the finish line was fantastic, we just hugged each other and remembered the reason we had done this - Angela.

We're going to take on the Great South Run again this year, we're already training and have a team of 10.

Angela's family and I definitely couldn't have done all this without the help of many other incredible friends and supporters. We had people doing bungee jumps, skydiving and just in general giving up their time to help out in any way they could. My friend Sally Nolan from Sallco Tools also organised a race day at Fontwell in Angela's memory and this raised over £1,000! There have been some incredible acts of generosity."

Ted and his supporters have raised £159,911 for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to this date (06/09/2018 and has a goal of reaching £200,000!

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Thursday, 6 September, 2018

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