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Tracie Miles

Tracie Miles is a Gynae Cancer Nurse Specialist at the Royal United Hospital Bath.

Tracie"I'm one of two gynae cancer nurse specialists at the Royal United Hospital Bath where we work in a multidisciplinary team. This means that I see women throughout the entirety of their cervical cancer journey; I'm with them when they're going through tests to determine if they have cancer and at what stage, throughout their treatment all the way to them being discharged or in a few cases being there to follow up or provide supportive care. 

"I also lead the Ask Eve specialist gynae cancer information service at The Eve Appeal, a gynaecological cancer charity that works across the five gynae cancers. We colloaborate closely with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust sharing key information for women with cervical cancer.

"I first heard about Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust 15 years ago when I saw a couple of flyers and posters but to be honest it didn't really click who they were and what exactly they did. I then heard about Jo's again at a conference for the National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses which was the start of my involvement with them.

"Since then I have written testimonials for the charitys awards applications, spoken at their annual patient information day Let's Meet and led workshops during this event. On a political level I also went along to an event at Westminster where they were raising awareness of cervical cancer and prevention.

"Most importantly I tell each and every single one of my patients about Jo's. Every woman coming through my office receives a Jo's card and I tell them it's a place where they can find support and information in addition to myself and their medical team. As much as I'd like to believe that I can do everything for them I can't, it's not possible. Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are short on time resource. Jo's put the time in to listen, plug/add information gaps, they are the CNS's as well as the patients' friend!

"Sometimes their immediate medical care team is not who they want to pour their hearts out to. With Jo's they have a place to turn to for support and further information, for example they're able to ask for help from other affected on the charity's forum. It's invaluable to have an organisation like Jo's to help me in my role supporting women and their families.

"All in all I'd describe Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust as the go to charity for cervical cancer; they're well managed, have peer reviewed materials, are well resourced, an inspirational outfit of individuals working on the same page, providing an exceptional service.

"Thank you Jo's!"

Date last updated: 
18 Apr 2016

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