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Claire's story

ClaireClaire tells us in the below interview what it's like being  a support group leader for Jo's.

In what way do you volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and what does it entail?

I'm a support group leader for the Bristol group, providing a confidential, supportive environment for women with cervical cancer. We meet bi-monthly in Bristol near St Michael's Hospital.

How did you become a volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

After my own experience with cervical abnormalities and feeling quite scared at the time, I felt inspired to get involved and help others.  Shortly after, I found out that Jo's was looking for a group leader in Bristol and applied.

What does the training look like?

I attended a training weekend in November where I had the chance to meet all the different volunteers and also the staff at Jo's.  During the weekend we went through different scenarios that could happen at a meeting, as well as getting the opportunity to talk with other support group leaders & helpline volunteers about things that work well.

After the training the Jo's team is always there to help you out and answer any questions you have or difficulties you might face.

Has there been a particularly striking moment/experience during your work as a volunteer? If so what was it?

At my very first support group meeting it was just me, another group leader who came to support me and one other lady, which you might think would be a bit disappointing but actually the fact I could be there for that one person was great.  Since then I have had emails from other ladies who would like to attend, and it's fantastic that we are slowly building the group and are able to be there for more women.

What would you tell someone who is not sure yet if they should volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

Go for it! The support Jo's offers is great and you feel really supported yourself. The group manages to unite people in a very difficult situation and that feels incredible. I can't wait to get even more involved by talking to local health care experts and inviting guest speakers who can give the group even more support and information when they need it. 

Find out more about becoming a support group leader here

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Friday, 22 May, 2015

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