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Martin's story

Martin tells us in the below interview how he helps Jo's in the office and at events. 

MartinIn what way do you volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and what does it entail?

I have volunteered at Jo's annual flagship fundraiser in June where I marshalled the route and registered everyone at the beginning. I also come into the office whenever they need help with packing and sending information packages to recipients following the charity's attendance at conferences.

How did you become a volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

Everyone is aware of cancer during their life but when I had a cancer scare in 1998 I realised what an impact a diagnosis actually has on someone's life. At that point I decided that I'd really like to give up some of my time to volunteer once I retire. 18 months ago I retired and with my daughter working at Jo's I knew of the incredible work they do and decided to volunteer for them.

Has there been a particularly striking moment/experience during your work as a volunteer? If so what was it?

At last year's walk I was registering people and there was a young lady whose sister was battling cervical cancer and I was astounded by how someone so young can have cancer and have to deal with it. I just suddenly thought what if that was my daughter who had cancer? You realise then how important it is to help out and support the work of Jo's.

What would you tell someone who is not sure yet if they should volunteer for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust?

It' very worthwhile. Being involved with the charity you realise how important it is to help out and support their work. I have learnt so much just from my occasional volunteering; how many different cancers are out there and how young a lot of these women are who Jo’s supports. 

Find out here how you can volunteer in the Jo's office

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Thursday, 21 May, 2015

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