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Your stories of cervical cancer, cell changes and cervical screening

The stories you'll find in this section cover all aspects of cervical screening, cell changes (abnormal cells) and cervical cancer.

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"I thought the NHS would be overwhelmed due to the coronavirus"
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"I am so happy I acted on things when I did"
"There is a tomorrow, that might still be a bit cloudy and rainy, but the day after might be better, and eventually the sun comes out and you can enjoy the warmth of it"
"I wasn't allowed anyone with me because of the pandemic, and it was a daunting experience to have alone"
"Even though I know it's not my fault, I keep wondering whether there is something I could have done, or not done, in the past to prevent this"
"I feel like an imposter sometimes as I didn’t have treatments such as chemo or radiotherapy"
"Sometimes, it’s just about keeping your head above the water"