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  • We have put together an information about coronavirus (COVID-19) for people who have or have had cervical cancer. There is also additional support and signposting information for you as helpers. We will update these pages as we get more queries and if the official advice changes. 
  • Brexit medicine shortages: Information on potential medicine shortages as a result of a no deal Brexit and FAQs.
  • The 2018 cervical screening stats came out today (27.11.18) and sadly attendance has fallen to a 21 year low. You can read the latest stats and our comment here
  • July 2018: An announcement has just been made by the Government saying a HPV vaccine programme for boys will be implemented in England, this follows announcements in Scotland and Wales last week. Northern Ireland have made no comment so far. 
  • We’re super happy to let you know that our brand new 5 year strategy has launched. This goes alongside our modelling data that projects cervical cancer incidence and mortality until 2040 which we commissioned with Queen Mary University of London.

  • In Septemper 2017 we released our Long Term Consequences of Cervical Cancer Report; using potentially the largest data set of its kind. This report aims to better understand the profound impact of living beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis by identifying the challenges faced by women, in addition to gaps in provision of care and support delivered.

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26 Sep 2019