Collection tins

collection tinsIf you're planning a fundraising or information event one of our collection tins could help you raise some funds for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. To get one of our tins please contact the Fundraising team on [email protected] or 020 3096 8100 

When organising a collection it is very important to abide by the law and by fundraising codes of practice. Here are some collection tin tips:

  • Be aware that the legal age for collecting money is 18 years in London and 16 years elsewhere in the UK.
  • If you need a collection tin we will send you a consent form letting us know what you need the tins for and how long you need them. You will be asked to sign to say that you will return the tins after your event.
  • Our collection tins will be sent out to you sealed but if you are going to be holding more than one collection or anticipate the tins being filled up please let us know and where appropriate we can send you more seals.
  • We will send you instructions about how to open the collection tins and how to send the money back to us.

Thank you for supporting Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust!



Date last updated: 
20 Feb 2013