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Pregnancy after 2x's LLetz

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Pregnancy after 2x's LLetz

I was just wondering if anyone had had a baby after having LLETZ twice- I am now 32 weeks pregnant with my third child (others were prior to any treatment) and, happy and surprised to have got this far, am a little nervous about what it may mean for labour. I know that its more likely to be born early but I've had mixed messages about the actual birth- one midwife said I may not even know I'm in labour until its quite close and another said my cervix may not dilate. Its so confusing and no one seems to be able to give me any real advice. I know I'm incredibly lucky to have got to this point so any advice/ experiences would be gratefully received!

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I haven't had any children, so can't comment specifically, but I can make a suggestion as to why you are getting conflicting information. Everyone heals differently and each persons body reacts differently to the healing process. Some people scar badly and others hardly at all. I think until the time comes, you won't know for sure how it's going to happen for you. It could be that scar tissue will make the birth harder than normal, or it could be that you won't even be able to tell the difference between this and your pre-LLETZ births.

I hope someone comes along soon and can give you more specific information, but like I said, everyone is different, so anyone else's experience may be nothing like yours will be. I wish you all the very best for a quick and easy delivery of a beautiful healthy baby *great big hugz*

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*pregnancy and children mentioned*

Didn't want to read and run. I thought I'd share my experience with you. I've only had 1 LLETZ treatment but they took 1/3 of my cervix (16 months ago) and I've now got a 2.5 week old baby girl. The whole pregnancy I worried but I managed to get to 41 weeks which was two weeks further than my first pregnancy before any treatment. I didn't have a plug/show at all which no one can work out and had a 2 hour 52 minute labour. If anything it was easier than my first!! We know I didn't have a show as I'd been on knicker watch looking out for signs and I had a home water birth and still didn't find it! (sorry if tmi!)
I was only checked once at 4 cms and my labour was fairly pain free.
Dreading December when I go back for my smear but what will be, will be.
I'm sure your pregnancy and labour will be fine but I know us ladies can't help but worry. I asked all the usual questions during my pregnancy but I think no one can give you an answer as everyone is different. Did you have normal pregnancies before? If everything is ok this time then just I with it.
Good luck for your impending arrival.xxx

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Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant following two LLETZ after CC so iv been getting monitored every couple of weeks at the hospital (I had a large amount of cervics removed as a result of the CC). I would be really interested to hear in experiences and info given by the hospital. I had read about other woman having emergency sections as a result of scar tissue preventing the cervix from opening so asked about this at one of my first appointments. The registrar seemed to think that having less cervix would mean the whole process would be pretty quick and was not concerned about scar tissue (I still am). I am due back for my second cervical length scan on Wed and I think I am seeing the consultant this time so I will ask again. Great to hear your pregnancy has been trouble free. If you can could you keep me updated?x

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