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1 year after cone biopsy follow up = bad news

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1 year after cone biopsy follow up = bad news

Hi everyone, I am new here, just been reading through some posts and you all seem so lovely and supportive of each other, I hope you dont mind me asking for a bit of advice. I was diagnosed CIN3 last year, this wasnt through a smear, I have endometriosis and I was there for a check up when my doctor noticed a large lump on my cervix. I had a colposcopy and punch biopsies taken the next day. It came back CIN3/Carcinoma in situ. They tried to do a LEEP in the colposcopy suite with just a local but my cervix is in a really weird place so it was beyond painful and they kept catching my vaginal wall so they decided to bring me in and do it under general anaesthetic. As it happened I needed a cone biopsy which led to complications with excessive bleeding, infection etc. I was really ill and off work for a month. Anyway, I had a clear smear and colp after 6 months. However I went yesterday for a smear in my local family planning clinic and the doctor was very concerned at the appearance of my cervix and the fact that it was bleeding on contact, the exam was very painful. She was straight on the phone to my hospital and they want me to go straight in today for a colp/biopsy.Im just waiting for a phonecall for a time. I really cant stop crying I thought this was all behind me and I'm not sure I can go through it all over again. Can I really go from all clear to bad again in 6 months? Any advice really appreciated. xx



I had a cone biospy in Sep 07 and have had clear smears since, with my next one coming up in August time.

Last week due to separate problems I had to have swabs taken and the doctor said she could see that I had undergone 'work' on my cervix but that was normal. I also bled on contact and it was painful. I pushed her for a smear as well but she said I had to wait till August at the earliest. She didnt seem worried about the state of my cervix or the bleeding so perhaps someone at the family planning clinic is being over cautious?

Try not to worry, at least they are looking after you and checking things, im sure the fact that you were clear 6 months ago is also a good thing.

Let me know how you get on as I might push (again) for a smear earlier.

Good luck
Paula xx

Colp & Lletz for CIN3 and CGIN, followed by knife cone biopsy
Clear 22/10/07. All clear since.
Sister had stage 1b2 and has been cancer free for 6 years!
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Hi billie jo,
I'm really sorry you have found yourself on here but everyone on here are fab and very understanding.
I do hope theres nothing for you to worry about, hopefully its just scar tissue thats the reason for the bleeding and it being painful but even though you may have to go through it all again i'm sure you will be fine, i'm similar to you i had treatment last year for cin 2/3 and had a clear smear dec but i need to go for another smear now and to be honest am dreading it, i will go but really don'y want to just incase.
I'll be thinking of you in the next few hours waiting for your phone call and hope everythings ok
Take care
Julia x


Thanks everyone,

Ive just spoken to them and the colp and biopsy will be tommorow morning now so Ive had a sleepless night for nothing!!
Must try and calm myself and hopefully sleep a little tonight.


Glad to hear they've got you in soon. Fingers crossed everything is ok for you hun x

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26 Mar 09-Results Severe Dyskaryosis
31 Mar 09-Colposcopy & Biopsy. Treatment delayed due to hols
Apr 09-Biopsy results confirm CIN3
26 May 09-LLETZ
Jun 09-Further examination, bloods & swabs by GP
Awaiting LLET


Hi Billie, glad to hear your starting to get sorted out tomorrow xx

March smear showed severe dyskariosis,
Lletz June 22nd,
July 9th results show no cancer or convincing evidence of CIN!!!!
Follow up smear Dec 3rd.


Here's hoping for the best for you sweetie - I always have a severely uncomfortable smear and it always bleeds and my consultant said that it is quite normal for some women to bleed. But if it comes to it, the thought is always worse than the deed and I'm sure you will be fine. xxx

End May 2009 - colposcopy all clear, cauterised ectropian (cervical erosion). Smear.
Mid June 2009 - smear result positive CGIN
End June 2009 - colposcopy & diagnostic LLETZ
July 9 2009 - results all clear - mystery!
Mid July 2009 - smear/follow-up


Good luck for tomorrow hun! Let us know how it goes. A few glasses of something strong and alcoholic tonight should help you sleep.....Am I the only one who is turning to alcohol to help me through this difficult time??? :?

Abnormal bleeding since Oct2008.
26/3/09 - Smear test.
08/5/09 - Smear results. CIN2/CIN3.
21/5/09 - Colposcopy and punch biopsys.
1/6/09 - Punch biopsy results CIN3
17/6/09 - LLETZ
20/7/09 - LLETZ results- CIN3 all removed with clear margins!


No Helsbels just finished some lovely pink wine :D
I bleed during smears since LLETZ and what they called contact bleeding, my cervix was colposcoped again and it was ok, my consultant said this happens frequently to women having smears post LLETZ so can only imagine even more so after a cone. Bet you're ok xx


Ah thanks so much everyone, you are all so lovely!!
Ive just had a phonecall from my colpo lady kate (who is just lovely) to re-assure me and advise me to take some pain relief now in preparation.
Just a couple of hours to wait. And I did indeed have a nice drinky last night, still didnt sleep much though.
Thanks again!! xx


Good luck, have got my fingers crossed for you. xxx

First smear 30th Mar 2009
Severe Dyskariosis 25th Apr 2009
Colposcopy and punch biopsies 11th May 2009
CIN 3 confirmed 1st June 2009
Loop biopsy 10th June 2009
CIN 3 removed 5th Jul 2009
Colp & smear 9th Dec 2009
All clear! 23rd Dec 2009


Well, they still couldnt find my cervix clearly enough because of scar tissue and I was in agony as they were trying to get even the thinnest speculum in, so bloody painful, they say (sorry to be gross) that I am really really tight down there now after the cone biopsy so I have to wait for a cancellation/emergency appt for my colposcopy/ punch biopsy under sedation, will be in the next couple of days they say.Just have to stay by the phone. I am gutted as I wanted to be on the way to being sorted today. :O( Few more days of worry ahead. More rose tonight I think!! xx


oh honey - if there is a positive side to that though, it's that there clearly is an issue with scar tissue which probably explains the contact bleeding and the appearance of your cervix, rather than anything actually sinister. Sometimes I wonder if that's part of my problem post LLETZ too, scar tissue, because all my gynae problems started after the LLETZ ironically! hugs xx


Hi everyone,
It will now be the 5th August with sedation. Im kind of glad as it must mean its nothing TOO sinister if they are leaving it a month? Lets hope so.

Hope you are all ok. xxx


Stay strong kiddo, you'l be fine and like you said they'd soon whip you in if it was anything too naughty xx

March smear showed severe dyskariosis,
Lletz June 22nd,
July 9th results show no cancer or convincing evidence of CIN!!!!
Follow up smear Dec 3rd.


Hi Billie Jo

I am really certain its nothing sinister. Myself I go into overdrive with it all every time I am waiting for results etc, but please try not too worry, easier said than done I know ! :oops:

If it reassures you, I have bleeding now with every smear,(and inbetween monthly too :? ) but I think I just have a sensitive cervix after all this treatment! I still had a clear follow up smear and biopsy, and am waiting for another clear one on Saturday (fingers crossed!)

Keep us updated,
Best wishes
Michelle xx

Sep 12th 08 - CIN3/suspected cancer
Sep 16th - Colpo with Gynae Onco
Sep 22nd - Results of CIN 3 but GO thinks its still cancer
Sep 24th - Cone under GA
Sep 29th - CIN 3
Feb 27 2009 - Clear smear and Biopsy!!
11th July 2009 - Clear Smear and Biopsy!!


Well, appointment is tommorow and I have to say my nerves have finally caught up with me and I have kinda gone to [pieces this morning!! I know I will be ok, and even if there is an CIN back it can be removed but I just find the whole thing so painful and the colposcopy clinic itself makes me start shaking and sweating as soon as Im any where near it as Ive had so many bad experiences there!! I know there are so many brave brave ladies on here that are so much worse off then me that I have no right to be frightened but and words of reassurance to get me through this last day in work before the procedure would be lovely!
I have barely slept and am sooooo agitated and tearful. My otherhalf is being lovely and has agreed to come in with me tommorow but I have a feeling he will change his mind as he is rather squeamish!! Bless him.

Thanks ladies, Sorry to moan.



Good luck with your appointment today. My husband would be no good coming to my appointments , he wouldn't be able to watch anything (squeamish) and it would be me reassuring him rather than him reassuring me!

Rachel x


Sorry Maia Moo I have onl;y just read your pst as I didnt notice it had gone onto another page!! Silly me! Thanks for that, that is quite re-assuring, still scared though as I cant bear the thought of it! Deep breaths and I'll be ok.

Thanks Rach, the appointment is not untill tommorow, its at 2pm. So nervous just need to calm oneself and get a decent sleep tonight! Vino will be required I think! xxx


All the best for tomorrow hun. Be strong and calm.

Big hugs for you
Gosia xxx

abnormal smears
15.5.09 - CIN II - lletz under GA and under LA 3 months later
31.8.11 - normal smear and now i am on 3-yearly smears
08.12.10 - rare ovarian cancer,stage 1
25.11.11 - microscopic colitis
16.02.12 - MRI scan of the pelvis


I send you a million good vibes. And even more Big Shelley Hugs!
And remember that everyone 'here' is behind you and cares about you!


Hi Billiejo
hope it went ok for you yesterday xxx


Hi Lovie

Hope I am not too late to wish you lots of luck for today.


Mch 09 Smear- Severe Glandular Neoplasia
Apr 09 Lletz, Womb samples. All Clear!
May 09 Ultrsound/CT scan clear. MDM meeting
6 Monthly Smears.


I wish you lots of luck and that everything will be ok.x


Hi Girls!!

I am sorry I'm only just replying I only have the internet in work and Ive been off till today with some nasty bleeding!!
I had a loop excision done as a see and treat, as there was evidence of CIN2 again, glad I got it over and done with on the day though! She took some biopsies to ensure clear margins but hopefully that will be it.
Thanks for all your support, it means a hell of a lot.




Hi there

When I have a smear the nurse is always wincing at the state of my cervix and apologising for hurting me and the resulting specimen bottle is bright red with blood. The nurses always worry, my consultant just said "oh well your cervix is still very friable and I expect it would bleed if you had sex. " It's TWO years since my cone biopsy and just last month yet another nurse was going "ooh your cervix is really red and raw".

Despite all that there is NO cancer NO bad cells, NO infection - just that the cervix doesn't like having big bits removed and takes a while to heal.

Fingers crossed for you that you simply have a slow heal time like me.
Best wishes


abn smears Feb/Aug 07 D&C and cone biopsy Nov 07 CIN3 and polyps. Vaginal ultrasound 220408. Fibroids and ovarian cysts. Clear of CIN every year since, but cervix never recovered from the op.  It leaked blood from mid cycle until my period every month until I began menopause.  The big hole left by the biopsy took years to fill and the scar tissue still bleeds very easily at smear time.  Completely celibate since the procedure. 


Thanks Jom,
Im sure it is partly to do with my cervix being sensitive from the cone biopsy but as I said in my last post they did see CIN2 last week and removed it so its a good job I went back for the colp!! xxx