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Statement on our health professional information

Fri, 30/06/2023 - 10:45

We are aware that some of our online information is currently attracting significant attention. The information being shared is from a webpage written for health professionals to support trans men and / or non-binary patients with a cervix to attend cervical screening. The page includes a glossary of terms they may hear from their patients and was developed with expert organisations who work with the LGBT community. The page is not promoting the use of these phrases with all women, it is a list of phrases that nurses may hear some patients prefer.

Our mission at Jo’s is to prevent as many cervical cancers as possible, and a big part of that is increasing uptake of cervical screening. Women are our main audience at Jo’s, however some trans men and / or non-binary people have cervixes and to reduce as many cervical cancers as possible it is important that we also provide information for this group and the health professionals who support them. 

We are a small charity and threatening and abusive behaviour towards the charity and our staff will not be tolerated. 

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