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Winners 2010

During Cervical Screening Awareness Week in June 2010, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust launched the first ever Cervical Screening Awards aiming to find the best local cervical screening awareness campaign.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust believes it is crucial to be more targeted with cervical screening awareness and we know that there is fantastic, high-quality work doing just that, making a real difference to women in local communities. We wanted to reward that as well as highlight it, so others could take it back to their own part of the country.

The winners of the 2010 Awards are featured below. We passionately believe that developing creative and targeted cervical screening education campaigns can make a real difference and that this new and exciting competition provides a great opportunity to learn from each other.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Screening Awards Winner 2010:

Nilli Williamson (centre pink scarf), Primary Care Commissioning Manager at NHS Salford for an outstanding campaign to raise awareness, improve access and provide services sensitive to culture, religion, language and disability.

Highly Commended:
Julie Grimmer, Cancer Collaborative Programme Manager at The Early Presentation of Cancer Symptoms Programme, North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus for ‘Late For Your Date’, using effective strategies to target low-uptake 25-34 year old women.

Highly Commended: Coleen Baxendale, Community Health Action Team for Learning Disabilities, Doncaster for achieving high standards in enabling women with learning disabilities to learn more about cervical cancer screening and in providing targeted support for accessing services.

Could you be a contender for the 2012 awards?
Applications for the 2012 Cervical Screening Awards will open in June and you can find more information on our website

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08 Feb 2013