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Winners 2013

Cervical Screening Award winners 2013The 2013 Cervical Screening Award was won by an Isle of Wight sexual health clinic. St. Marys Hospital Sexual Health Service's initiative, led by a team of nurses, won the award for successfully targeting hard to reach groups to increase screening uptake and general awareness about cervical cancer prevention.

Since 2002 cervical screening uptake on the Isle of Wight has decreased steadily from 85% to 79%. The initiative was created to address the falling rates in screening uptake by targeting women in areas of deprivation.

Stephanie Barnes, Senior Staff Nurse, Sexual Health Service, St. Marys Hospital said: "We're thrilled that our work has been recognised in this way. We know that there is a clear link between areas of deprivation and higher incidences of cervical cancer and that those attending a sexual health clinic may be at a higher risk due to sexual behaviour, smoking and social deprivation."

The clinic offered a nurse-led integrated service, adding on the offer of cervical screening to other services such as the contraception and unplanned pregnancy clinics. Women were also offered a variety of drop-in and appointment clinics during the day and evening.

Julietta Patnick, Director of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme and one of the judges said, "I was very impressed with the work undertaken by the winner. The programme reached and encouraged a key group of women and the results were very positive. It was good to see such excellent partnership work to achieve the campaign goals including with hard to reach groups and moving beyond the health service."

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28 Jan 2014