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Cervical screening and cervical abnormalities

Whether you are worried about cervical screening or the HPV vaccine, affected by cell changes (abnormal cells) or cervical cancer, or you’re a healthcare professional looking to raise awareness, we have something for you. 

Our health information is based on the latest evidence and user feedback, and is reviewed by users and healthcare professionals who are experts in their field. We are a proud member of the Patient Information Forum (PIF), an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and organisations to provide high-quality, clearly communicated, evidence-based health information.

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Orders placed before 12pm on a Wednesday are sent out the Friday of that week and arrive the following week. 

Orders placed after 12pm on a Wednesday are sent out on the Friday of the following week. It may arrive up to 10 working days after the order was placed.

Can you help us reach more people?

We rely on donations to keep our information and services free for everyone who needs them, including those affected by cell changes and cervical cancer. It costs us up to £10 to create and send each order, so if you would like to continue supporting our work please consider donating –  anything you can give makes a huge difference.

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