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Hospital Liaison Service

Hospital waiting room

Living with or beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis can be very difficult for you and those closest to you. During these difficult times, we understand that you may want or need someone to talk you about how you are feeling. The Hospital Liaison Service is here to help.

What is The Hospital Liaison Service?

Our Hospital Liaison Service is a new face-to-face support service for people living with or beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis. 

What Does the Service Offer?

The service offers a chance to meet with our trained, friendly Hospital Liaison Co-ordinator in a safe and relaxed environment to discuss your personal situation; whether that be dealing with your own diagnosis or a family member’s. We’ll be providing personalised support, information and sign posting to complement the supportive efforts of the health care teams.

Who is the service for?

If you or a family member has ever been diagnosed with cervical cancer (recent or historical), this service is for you.

How to access the service

Once we have officially launched the service we will be accepting self-referrals (you will be able to complete a form on our website) as well as referrals from the health care professionals at The Royal Marsden Hospital. 


Keep an eye on this page for updates about when the service will be starting. If you would like to know more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Date last updated: 
22 Mar 2019

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