Brighton cervical cancer support group

The Brighton cervical cancer support group meets regularly and is run by Maria Sardina. Find out more about the group and how to get in touch below.  

"At times when I was going through my own journey with cervical cancer, I felt alone and scared. I tried to keep a brave face to help my family and friends through. Having a local support group to go to where you can release your fears and frustrations with other women in your situation offers an opportunity to lose that brave face and gather strength and encouragement. In difficult times it really helps to know you are not alone". 
Maria, Brighton support group leader

The group leaders


Maria first got involved with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust in November 2011 after being diagnosed with cervical cancer in March 2010.

"I found the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website a great source of information and the forum a tower of strength. Fortunately my journey with cervical cancer was quick and successful. At the time I was training as a hypnotherapist and continued with my studies throughout my difficult period. In many ways my studies kept me going. I used my skills and training to help me through the difficult times. I have continued studying, and I am now a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

"I understand how difficult it can be to stay positive when things just aren't going the way you want them to. I believe in empowering the individual to help them take responsibility for their health and their general wellbeing."

About the group

The support group is group led. I'd like to introduce guest speakers at future meetings, with information on complimentary therapies, nutrition, exercise, and coping skills, also anything else the group see as necessary or interesting.

I run the meetings at regular intervals, and also encourage weekly casual meet ups between group attendees.

As a group we've been meeting since 2013 and it's wonderful to bring old and new group members together to share our experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our group.

Contacting the group

To contact Maria please register online here or email them directly at [email protected]

Meeting dates

Thursday 1 December 2016     

Thursday 2 February 2017        

Thursday 6 April 2017 



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Tuesday, 20 January, 2015

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