Bristol cervical cancer support group

The Bristol support group is run by Claire Peters who was diagnosed with high grade cervical abnormalities in 2014.  She has been trained by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and has been working closely with the charity to re-launch the Bristol Support Group. Find out more about the group and how to get in touch below.

The group leader

ClaireClaire: "In July 2014 I was diagnosed with high grade cervical abnormalities after a regular smear test. I received two rounds of Lletz treatment and was then put on 6 monthly check ups. The whole experience was an emotional rollercoaster, being told there is something wrong and then having to wait to be told what is actually going to happen to you is nerve-racking. This is why I wanted to set up a support group for ladies affected by cervical cancer as I know how awful the waiting can be.

"Having already used information on Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust's website I thought that starting a support group was a great way to offer support and offer women the opportunity to share their experiences and feel supported in what they are going through."

The group

After going to Jo's training weekend and speaking to many inspirational women there I am keener than ever to help and support others. I'm therefore delighted to re-launch the Bristol support group, and knowing the group has already been a success in the past I look forward to seeing former members and welcoming new ones.  

The group is very friendly and women will be able to gain confidential support which I believe is important considering that cervical cancer is often a not much talked about subject due to its intimate nature. I also hope to get Cancer Nurse Specialists and speakers involved who will be able talk about potential issues attendees might face during their different stages of treatment and post treatment.

Contacting the group
To contact Claire please register online here or you can email her directly at [email protected]

Meeting Dates

Tuesday 24th January 2017
Monday 20th March 2017
Monday 22nd May 2017
Mon 10th July 2017
Mon 18th September 2017
Tuesday 21st November 2017


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