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Newcastle cervical cancer support group leaders

Group Leaders
The Newcastle Support Group is run by Jane McClelland who has survived cervical cancer and has been trained by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust as a support group leader. As a volunteer for Jo's, Jane has worked closely with the charity to develop the support group service which is the first dedicated to ladies affected by a cervical cancer diagnosis.

“There are moments that stand out in life; being told you have cervical cancer is one of them. The journey that then follows is full of pivotal moments, being told you will need treatment, telling your friends and family, dealing with side effects, coping with going back to work, adjusting to the loss of fertility, wondering 'why me?', worrying about a reoccurrence... the list goes on but this group is here to help you through those moments.” Jane, Support Group Leader


About the Newcastle/North East Support Group
The support group meets bi-monthly in Newcastle city centre to offer women who have had cervical cancer the opportunity to meet other ladies face to face to share information/experiences, to gain and offer support to others. Group members can also become more involved with the charity in a range of activities that include distributing information locally, raising awareness, informal social nights and fundraising for the charity by supporting the annual Walk for Fun.

But most importantly, the support group offers the chance for women who’ve had a cervical cancer diagnosis to talk about their experiences with women who've had similar experiences. Sometimes a friendly cuppa and a chat with someone who understands what you’re going through can make a world of difference.

There are also regular guest speakers covering a wide range of subjects that affect women with cervical cancer. Topics in the past have included Menopause, HRT & Mindfulness. We welcome all suggestions/ideas for arranging future guest speakers and have regular group discussions on issues that our ladies want to learn more about by sharing our experiences in a safe environment.

We welcome any ladies diagnosed with cervical cancer from across the North East. Our group has a mix of newly diagnosed ladies and many survivors of cervical cancer who have all experienced different treatments and are happy to share their personal stories. All information discussed within the group stays within the group to respect the confidential topics discussed.

New members
Anyone thinking of joining us for the first time can be reassured they will receive a warm welcome from me and all of our group members. It will be an opportunity to make new friends with ladies who fully understand the issues faced when newly diagnosed and issues when receiving or finishing treatments and the worries of attending follow up appointments. As a group leader I understand you will be nervous about attending for the first time and I'm happy to discuss any worries you may have prior to attending.

Keeping in touch
To keep in touch with our group members we encourage members to use the support group email [email protected] and our Facebook group page to keep in touch between face to face meetings. Group members will be added to the page by the support group leaders after attending a meeting.

Contact the Newcastle suppport group
Please contact Jane by registering online or by emailing directly at [email protected].

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Thursday, 11 July, 2013

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