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Training, community and engagement: how the Tampon Tax Fund helped us to improve access to cervical screening

Posted on: Monday, 21st February 2022 by

Cervical screening can help prevent cervical cancer. Yet across the UK, on average, one in four women and people with a cervix do not attend their screening appointments. Among ethnic minority communities, this is even lower. 

The Tampon Tax Fund has awarded £79m to organisations over the last six years. In 2021, the fund was wound down, so we wanted to take a look back on what we did with the money we received from it. 

Behind the headlines: cervical screening intervals changing to 5 years

Posted on: Thursday, 6th January 2022 by

The Cervical Screening Programme in Wales recently announced that it is changing. As of the 1st of January the routine screening interval for women and other people with a cervix in Wales aged 25 - 49 has moved from three to five years. We’re taking you behind the headlines to help you understand what the announcement means for you.

"Their lived experience was key to shaping the series of films." Why does co-production matter?

Posted on: Friday, 12th November 2021 by

Suzanne Kelly is the cervical cancer prevention lead in the West of Scotland. Her team recently created a series of films about cervical screening for women with a learning disability. She shares how these were made and why co-producing the films with women with a learning disability was so important. 

Let's talk about...smear tests when you have endometriosis

Posted on: Tuesday, 6th July 2021 by

For lots of women and people with a cervix, smear tests (cervical screening) are something that might feel a bit uncomfortable or embarrassing, but is over and done with quickly. But, for some with conditions such as endometriosis, a smear test can be more painful and can be a really daunting prospect. 

Behind the headlines: Cervical screening incident in Scotland and what it means

Posted on: Wednesday, 15th September 2021 by

Cervical screening after a 'near miss': our new Chief Executive shares her story

Posted on: Friday, 11th June 2021 by

Cervical screening when you are visually impaired

Posted on: Tuesday, 11th May 2021 by

Cervical screening (smear tests) can be difficult for women and people with a cervix with a physical disability. We hear from Sam Attwell, who set up Blind Since Birth UK. She is registered blind and shares her experience of two very different cervical screening appointments, and her tips on making the test better.

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Cervical screening when deaf

Posted on: Monday, 5th April 2021 by

To mark Deaf Awareness Week, we hear from 2 deaf women who have shared their experiences of a cervical screening (and colposcopy) appointment, as well as their top tips for others. Claire Holland is the Deputy CEO of Enhance the UK. She was born deaf and wears a cochlear implant in one ear. 

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Key things to take away from our LGBT+ roundtable

Posted on: Thursday, 1st April 2021 by

The emotional impact of HPV

Posted on: Friday, 12th February 2021 by