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Behind the headlines: Cervical screening failure

Posted on: Monday, 19th November 2018 by

Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, wrote this blog for The Eve Appeal about the recent cervical screening failure news.

You may have seen the news last week about an error within the cervical screening programme resulting in information letters not being sent out.

It was reported that, unfortunately, earlier this year reminder letters were not sent to 43,220 women. What is more concerning though is that 4,508 results letters were not sent out.

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Delays in smear test results: Why and what to do if you're affected

Posted on: Friday, 10th August 2018 by

Let’s talk about… cervical screening and FGM

Posted on: Monday, 6th August 2018 by

Please be aware that this blog contains content that may be distressing to read.

There are lots reasons why women and people with a cervix find it hard to go for cervical screening (smear tests). The Hawa Trust work with communities affected by FGM and we spoke with Hawa Sesay, their Executive Director, about the experience of screening for women who have undergone FGM.

Let’s talk about it…smear tests for lesbian, gay and bisexual women

Posted on: Wednesday, 13th June 2018 by

This blog was originally written for the LGBT Foundation

According to the LGBT Foundation, 17.8% of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) women of eligible screening age (25 to 64) have never been for cervical screening.

Cervical screening (often called a smear test), prevents up to 75% of cervical cancers developing and not attending is actually the biggest risk factor to developing cervical cancer.

Let’s talk about it…difficulty accessing a cervical screening appointment

Posted on: Monday, 11th June 2018 by

There are many reasons which can make attending smear tests difficult. Things such as fear, embarrassment, anxiety and a previous bad experience can all mean even taking the first step to book an appointment can be hard. However another barrier to smear tests is physically being able to access the test and more and more women are telling us that they are struggling to get appointments.

Let’s Talk about it…having a bad experience at a smear test

Posted on: Friday, 11th May 2018 by

If you have had a bad experience at a smear test, it can understandably have a negative impact on how you feel about going for a test in the future.

While smear tests are not pleasant and can be uncomfortable or difficult for many reasons, the majority of women do not have a bad experience. When women do have bad experiences, it is sometimes a combination of several factors instead of just one thing, these reasons can be very personal and varied.

Let’s talk about it… anxiety and cervical screening

Posted on: Tuesday, 27th February 2018 by

While smear tests are not always easy, for many women they’re over in a few minutes and they can continue with their day, knowing that the job’s been ticked off. 

Let's talk about it

However, for other women, going for their cervical screening (smear test) is not as simple.

Let’s talk about it… sometimes cervical screenings are painful

Posted on: Tuesday, 30th January 2018 by

For a lot of people, it’s a five minute appointment that may be slightly uncomfortable and embarrassing, but is over and done with quickly. But for others, smear tests aren’t just uncomfortable – they hurt and some women find them extremely painful.

Let’s talk about it…cervical screening after experiencing sexual violence

Posted on: Friday, 26th January 2018 by

As part of our new blog series "Let's talk about it" Louise Cadman, Research Nurse Consultant at Queen Mary University of London and on the Management Committee of the My Body Back Project, addresses some of the issues around having a smear test after experiencing sexual violence (***Trigger warning: this blog is about sexual violence***).

Behind the headlines: What is HPV testing all about?

Posted on: Friday, 11th August 2017 by