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DVD Order form - Your guide to cervical screening (smear test)

In the UK, one out of four UK women do not attend their cervical screening (smear test) when invited. Help us reverse this trend using our health educational film ‘Your guide to cervical screening (smear test)'.
The film
Our short six minute film aims to help you raise awareness of smear tests, what the test is for and what will happen during the test, it also has information on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is the main cause of cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.
It was made with input from focus groups of real women, a professional Reference Development Research Group made up of experts in screening and local community groups. The film features real women, custom made animation and is available in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali (Standard and Sylheti), Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Polish, Tamil and Urdu. All films have English subtitles.
Order the DVD
Each DVD contains the film in English (with and without subtitles), Arabic, Bengali (Standard and Sylheti), Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Polish, Tamil and Urdu, all with English subtitles.
We charge just £5.00 per DVD to cover the cost of production and postage- order your copy today!
Please share the film with your community and help us raise awareness that smear tests save lives (#SmearTestsSaveLives). 

Date last updated: 
27 May 2016