The Smear Test Film

'The Smear Test Film' is a health education film resource for women eligible for cervical screening (smear tests) who have mild and moderate learning disabilities.

It has been made by Public Health England in association with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. Professional guidance and support in the development of this resource was provided by the Better Health Team for Learning Disabilities at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The film has been designed and made by women who have learning disabilities to give women and their carers information about smear tests and their role in preventing cervical cancer and help women make a decision about whether to attend their smear test invitation. 

If you have any questions about cervical screening, you can call our helpline on 0808 802 8000 - find out the opening times here

The film is available on our YouTube channel or you can order a DVD copy of the film by completing the form below.


EasyRead guide for cervical screening

Did you know we also have an EasyRead guide for cervical screening'Having a smear test. What is it all about?' covers HPV, cervical screening and what barriers that women with learning disabilities stop them attending screening. The EasyRead has been produced with input from women with learning disabilities. 

View the EasyRead guide or order free of charge

Date last updated: 
26 Jan 2015