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New information

We have recently updated some information! Please visit the links below and familiarise yourself with the information. If you have any questions or would like more information please email [email protected]

Menopause webpages

We have updated our information about the menopause – specifically menopause that has been triggered by cervical cancer treatment. It sits in our ‘Living with cervical cancer’ web section and has 3 pages. We now do a lot more signposting to other reputable sources of information, if you are dealing directly with people affected by cervical cancer, these might be helpful for future conversations. Also note the information about risk on the HRT page. There have been a lot of news stories recently that sensationalised the level of risk, which may lead to people choosing not to have treatment that could greatly improve their quality of life. If you or your volunteers are dealing directly with people affected by cervical cancer, it could help to familiarise yourself with this. View the updated pages here:

Cervical screening after sexual violence webpages

Please note that this content may be distressing to read. Practice self-care and know it is okay to not read this content, or not read it all in one go.

We have created new online information about cervical screening after sexual violence in partnership with Rape Crisis England and Wales:

HPV webpages

Our web section about HPV has been revised. Visit the landing page and read through the different pages from there, including what HPV is, how it is passed on, the link between HPV and cervical cancer and FAQs. 

HPV vaccine webpages 

Our web section on the HPV vaccine has been revised. Visit the landing page and read through the different pages from there, including what the HPV vaccine is, who can have it, side effects and FAQs. Important things to note:

  • Major updates around the HPV vaccine for boys and men. In June 2018, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recommended that boys should also be offered the HPV vaccine. The health departments for each UK country will now decide whether to extend the vaccine to boys, with Scotland and Wales already committing to rolling it out.

Cervical ectropion webpage

The cervical ectropion webpage is mostly a refresh of our existing content. Important things to note:

  • We now explicitly mention that treatment may only get rid of symptoms temporarily - in other words, the ectropion may come back. If people are concerned about this, they need to speak with their GP. 

HPV mini factsheet

Our HPV mini factsheet has been revised. It explains what HPV is, the link between high-risk HPV and cervical cancer, how HPV is passed on, and how to reduce your risk of a persistent high-risk HPV infection. Important things to note:

  • We now talk about over 200 types of HPV
Date last updated: 
26 Sep 2019