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Susan's story

Susan and daughter Jenny

We asked some of our wonderful volunteers who give up their time to help Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust about their experiences. Here we speak to Susan.

In what way do you volunteer for Jo's and what does it entail?

I sometimes come into the office and help prepare information packs. As I’m retired, the charity give me a call whenever they need help and if I'm free I come into the office and help out where I can. I also try to take part in the annual Walk for Fun in London as a fundraiser with my daughter Jenny.

When did you first start volunteering with us and why did you become a volunteer?

My daughter Jenny was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2008 and came across Jo's at the time. She found it really helpful so I thought a good way to give back is if I help them out in return.

What would you say to someone who is not sure if they should volunteer for Jo's?

Just do anything you can to support the charity because they do such a great job supporting those who really need it. It's very worth while and both my daughter and I really appreciate them.

If you are interested in joining our growing team of volunteers, we’d love to hear from you, click here to find out more or email us on [email protected]

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Last Updated: 
Thursday, 29 May, 2014