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Amy's story

AmyI started to have irregular bleeding and visited my GP after this had been happening regularly for around six to seven months. After several visits to the doctors and STI checks I was given a smear test which came back showing abnormal cells and I was sent quite quickly for a colposcopy. I was informed that I had CIN 3 and was admitted to hospital in October 2001 for LLETZ treatment and a biopsy was taken from my cervix whilst I was in theatre. I discovered I had very early stage 1 cervical cancer and that they had removed a large proportion of the neck of my womb. I was then informed I might face difficulties conceiving and carrying a child in the future.

I went onto have regular smears every 6 months and then annually but continued to have problems - bleeding after intercourse and during periods. I subsequently had a further three abnormal smear test results and laser treatments.

I met my husband in 2005 and he was so understanding and knew everything from the beginning. Because of possible fertility problems we decided to start trying for a baby two years into our relationship. I fell pregnant in April 2008 and we were over the moon. On 5th December 2008 our son Ashton Peter Houlihan was born. I couldn't believe it, I was incredibly proud and emotional.

A few months after having Ashton I had another colposcopy due to more irregular bleeding. They found a constant bleed on my cervix that was very raw-looking. They tried another laser treatment but it didn’t work. My consultant wasn't very happy with what she was seeing and we approached the subject of a hysterectomy. My cervix was weak and there would be further risk of miscarriage if I was to get pregnant again. I was just blessed to have Ashton and wanted a hysterectomy.

In March 2011 at the age of 28 I had a full hysterectomy but kept my ovaries. It has been emotional and hard as Ashton was two and I was constantly on the go with him and in my job as cabin crew.

I wish I'd have been given details of Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust when I was younger, but I only really started researching after the hysterectomy. I found reading all the other women's experiences inspirational and I was also inspired by all the fundraisers and events. This has made me more determined to start fundraising and raise awareness

I think #SmearForSmear is a fantastic campaign that will help raise awareness, especially in young women. I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to support such a great campaign. It's my way of saying thank you.

Take part in #SmearForSmear to help raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention by clicking here

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Date last updated: 
15 Jan 2015