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Jessica W's story

JessicaAs soon as I received a letter inviting me for my first cervical screening I followed this up with an appointment. I was diagnosed with abnormalities, which was scary and unexpected but nothing was to prepare me for what was to come.

At 25 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It had a huge impact on my everyday life and personal relationships as I felt my whole world had gone into turmoil, and I really expected the worst possible scenario. I didn't realise until I started speaking to others just how many people are affected by cancer, it made me realise the "big C word" was not as scary as I initially thought and we should be made more aware just how common it is and that there are so many treatments available today.

As many negatives as cancer brought, it also brought a lot of positives; I never before realised just how much people care and I was completely overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me throughout everything. My family and friends were a godsend.

On 30th January 2014 I had a radical hysterectomy removing my womb and my lymph glands. I already have a son and so opted for this treatment instead of a fertility-saving trachelectomy.

After the surgery I had a few complications which resulted in me being re-admitted to hospital. Those two weeks were actually worse than anything else I’d been through, but I am now beginning to feel normal again and I'm extremely grateful for my overall health – the diagnosis has put a lot into perspective for me.

I now want to raise awareness for ladies to attend their screening, when telling my story there was an awful lot of women who admitted to missing their screenings as they never think it’ll happen to them. Luckily they booked after talking to me! If other women attend after reading my story I will feel extremely happy.

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Thursday, 22 May, 2014