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#SmearForSmear 2021: Be Kind

Categories: cervical cancer prevention week | cervical screening | campaign

A lot has changed since last Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. However your year has panned out, it’s safe to say most of us have had a lot on our plate.

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What is HPV self-sampling?

Categories: cervical screening | Chief Executive blog

You might have seen recently in the news that there is going to be a pilot scheme in London looking at the best way to offer self-sampling to women as part of the cervical screening programme. We know that lots of people have questions about self-sampling and about this pilot, so hopefully the...

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Why can't I get a smear test?

Categories: cervical screening

Most recently updated on 5th January 2021 to reflect the changing situation in the UK. We will update this blog post with any new information we have.

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Supporting you through LLETZ

Categories: lletz

Today we’re launching a new resource in partnership with the Royal Coll

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How can we tackle barriers to cervical screening?

Categories: cervical screening; professionals

Adriana MacNaughton is the London Public Health Coordinator at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. In this blog, she talks about barriers to cervical screening and how education helps patients to make informed decisions.

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Left lateral position – a better option for patients?

Categories: cervical screening; professionals

Bridgette Love has been a practice nurse for 24 years and is passionate about offering the best possible experience to her patients. In this blog, she explains the benefits of offering an alternative cervical screening position and shares the preferences of her patients.

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Let's talk about... smear tests when you have a tilted cervix

Categories: cervical screening; let's talk about it

If you have a tilted cervix, cervical screening can sometimes be more uncomfortable for you. This might make you feel anxious or nervous before your next appointment.

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Tips for communicating to patients about cervical screening

Categories: cervical screening; coronavirus

We know many people find cervical screening a difficult test, and COVID-19 has made it more challenging for some. We have developed some tips to help you communicate with and support your patients through cervical screening at the moment.

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Smear tests after a hysterectomy: what is a vault smear?

Categories: cervical cancer

Laura had cervical cancer in 2016, when she was 29. She had a hysterectomy to remove the cancer.

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Our new cervical screening information for trans men and/or non-binary people with a cervix

Categories: cervical screening; LGBT

Accessing cervical screening can be difficult for many people. This can be exacerbated for trans men and/or non-binary people with a cervix who face many barriers to accessing routine cervical screening, as well as discrimination because of their gender identity.

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