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"I met great people and made new friends thanks to this brilliant event"

Posted on: Thursday, 7th September 2017 by Catherine Cooke

The first Let's Meet day that I had the pleasure of attending was in 2015, after being diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer in 2013.  This was a bit of an adventure with one of my best friends accompanying me to Manchester. I had needed some encouragement to travel from London to attend, as treatment had taken a toll on me both physically and emotionally. 

The day began with registration, where I was given a name badge and a goody bag full of lovely treats. There was an opportunity to have a chat with some of the other women attending over some tea and biscuits. 

The day was introduced and the key note speaker, who was a specialist in gynecology, was first up. Listening, I began to feel that this was going to be an informative day and was keen to attend the workshops that were on offer. These included “ask the expert” where you could ask any question that you would like answered in relation to cervical cancer. If you didn’t want to voice your questions in front of the group, you had the chance to write your questions down privately. I remember feeling reassured that no question or concern would be too trivial. It was enlightening to hear others questions and experiences in this session and realise that I wasn’t the only one would had certain concerns. Both women affected by cervical cancer and their partners were able to attend and I felt this was a great idea to be able to share the day.

There had been several other workshops on offer to participate in. These included relaxation and even a make-up session. The highlight of the day for me was listening to the experiences of other attendees. This was both thought provoking and inspiring. The day had exceeded my expectations. We enjoyed sharing an pleasant lunch in a lovely setting. I felt uplifted and delighted to have been able to make a connection with great people. I was very glad I made the journey to Manchester.

I was looking forward to attending the following year in London. Several weeks before the day I was contacted and asked if I would like to share my journey through cervical cancer and involvement with Jo’s. Speaking at last year event was an honour! Yet again, I met great people and made new friends thanks to this brilliant event. 

This year, the focus of the event in London is practical support after diagnosis and treatment. I’m looking forward to the Tai Chi workshop and the partner’s workshop, which this year is being led by a partner and sounds invaluable.

I hope you will sign up and enjoy meeting friends old and new – please spread the word! 

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday 7 October at Holborn Bars.


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