Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors have all experienced the effects of cervical cancer or abnormalities, whether that's because of a personal experience or from close friends and family. We're so incredibly grateful of their support in helping to raise awareness of our work. 


Georgina Hannay 

Georgina is a Fitness blogger, lifestyle YouTube and general creative designer who has supported Jo's since her diagnosis.   

"I was diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 24. Though the journey was tough and the operations invasive, five years on with my miracle child by my side I can look back and feel so grateful to have had so much help and support through such a difficult time.

Staying involved with Jo's has meant so much to me as they are the charity I turned to for help and support when I was diagnosed. I can and will continue to talk about my journey very openly in the hope that it provides comfort, support and advice for anyone facing a diagnosis or going through treatment" 


Megan Gilbride (wonderful you)

Megs is a 27 year old life and style blogger from www.wonderful--you.com. She had her first smear test in 2015, requiring an operation to remove advanced abnormal cells. Meg's told us: "My aim is to help women feel comfortable with caring for their bodies and not shy away from facing their fears. It's an absolute honour to be helping raise awareness with Jo's - who were a pillar of strength when I too felt worried and alone. Hopefully together we can change the statistics and have every woman attend their smear tests when invited."



Jessica Knowles

Jessica was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016 after experiencing abnormal bleeding, one of the most common symptoms of the disease, and received the all clear in August 2016 following surgery to remove her cervix (a radical trachelectomy) and pelvic lymph nodes.

"Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust was an absolute lifeline for me during my diagnosis, they were a crucial and comforting support to me in my time of need and continue to be so. They provide a wealth of information via their website, in particular their forum where many of my questions and concerns were answered by incredible women who were far braver than me. By becoming an Ambassador for the charity and sharing my story, I hope I can help raise further awareness of the disease and ensure more women know the symptoms to look out for."



Hannah Lawton

Hannah lost her friend Eleanor Ellis to cervical cancer at the age of 23. It was because of Elle that she set up Inspirational Friends in her memory, competing in 2 Atlantic row attempts and other endurance events to raise awareness of the importance of cervical cancer prevention and to raise money for Jo's. Hannah was appointed as Talent ID Coach for the GB Rowing Team’s Paralympic Programme in 2014 and is heading for Rio later this year.


Katie Snooks

Katie is an established London based blogger and vlogger specialising in beauty and fashion content. After receiving an abnormal result for precancerous cells on her first smear test, she's been keen to raise awareness of the importance of girls attending their smears. 3 years later and after multiple colposcopies, a LLETZ and cone biopsy treatment she was given the all clear but remains passionate to spreading the word and is very happy to become an ambassador for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.


Date last updated: 
18 Jul 2016