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Long term consequences of cervical cancer and its treatment

The long term consequences of cervical cancer and its treatment are often underestimated.

Our report aims to better understand the profound impact of living beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis by identifying the challenges faced by women, in addition to gaps in provision of care and support delivered.

Key Findings

  1. Eighty-eight percent of women have experienced at least one, 63% at least three and 24% at least six physical long term consequences of their cervical cancer treatment
  2. Women are suffering in silence with a clear disparity between those affected by long term consequences of their treatment and those who have spoken to a doctor. This is most pertinent for women who have had lymphoedema or experienced a negative impact on their sex life, fertility or bones
  3. Only half of women who have experienced bowel and urinary problems had received treatment (41% and 54% respectively) and for those who have experienced negative changes in their sex life, just 10% had received treatment
  4. Only 30% of women who received NHS management and support services said the services met all of their needs with 13% saying they met very few or none of their needs
  5. Younger women are much less likely to seek support from a doctor than women over 55
  6. Mental health issues are significantly more prominent among young women, however across all ages the emotional and psychological impact of cervical cancer is being neglected

cervical cancer treatment consequences


We need action to improve the lives of those affected by cervical cancer and want to see:

  1. The management of the long term consequences of cancer should be recognised with a national tariff
  2. Every person with cervical cancer, and the health professionals supporting them, should have access to a Cancer Recovery Package, including a Treatment Summary
  3. Swift implementation of the new ‘quality of life metric’ to rarer cancers to measure, incentivise and highlight gaps in the provision of after care
  4. Greater awareness amongst GPs of the long term consequences of cervical cancer and treatment
  5. Women with cervical cancer should be informed about Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust at the point of diagnosis with a reminder at the 12 month clinic appointment

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If you have been affected by the long term consequences of cervical cancer or would like more information about symptoms and ways to manage them, then please visit our long term consequences information page.

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Full dataset

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19 Jul 2019