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Complaints procedure

This procedure applies to any complaints regarding the work of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, including our support services, information, communications, fundraising and staff.

The purpose of this procedure is to:
a) ensure that users of the charity have a formal means of expressing any dissatisfaction, in confidence, to the management
b) assure users of the charity that complaints will be investigated quickly, fairly and in confidence
c) safeguard the interests of volunteers by ensuring that complaints are investigated quickly, fairly and in confidence
d) enable management to be kept informed about issues that give rise to complaints in order that a consistent high quality service can be maintained.

Stage 1

The complainant should put his/her complaint in writing to the appropriate staff member at the address given below. He/she will investigate the complaint and send a written response to the complainant normally within two weeks of receipt of the letter of complaint. Most complaints will be resolved at this stage.

Stage 2

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response at Stage 1, he/she may write to the Chief Executive at the address below. He/she will investigate the original complaint and the action of the staff member and make appropriate response to the complainant in writing normally within two weeks of receipt of the complaint.

Stage 3

If the complainant is still not satisfied he/she may then appeal in writing to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the address below who will investigate the matter, discuss it with the Trustees and respond to the complainant normally within six weeks of receiving the Stage 3 complaint.

All complaints, substantiated or otherwise, whether they reach the final appeal stage or not, may provide useful feedback on the organisation of the charity. They will therefore be reported to the Chief Executive and the Board of Trustees so that appropriate action may be taken if necessary. 

Complaints should be sent to [email protected] or:

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, 10-18 Union St, London SE1 1SZ

Complainants should give full details of their complaint with their name and address.
All relevant material will be kept confidential.

Date last updated: 
15 Jun 2021