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Kate Sanger, Head of Communications and Public Affairs

#SmearForSmear 2021: Be Kind

Posted on: Sunday, 24th January 2021 by

Let’s talk about it…difficulty accessing a cervical screening appointment

Posted on: Monday, 11th June 2018 by

There are many reasons which can make attending smear tests difficult. Things such as fear, embarrassment, anxiety and a previous bad experience can all mean even taking the first step to book an appointment can be hard. However another barrier to smear tests is physically being able to access the test and more and more women are telling us that they are struggling to get appointments.

Behind the headlines: What is HPV testing all about?

Posted on: Friday, 11th August 2017 by

Help us reach the day where no woman dies from cervical cancer: Our manifesto for the General Election 2017.

Posted on: Wednesday, 10th May 2017 by

As a charity we are focused on the day that no woman dies from cervical cancer. We know that day can come and we want to get there as soon as we can, so that no woman has to face a life threatening cervical diagnosis, no woman has to endure invasive treatment, no woman has to suffer from the long term physical and psychological effects of treatment. 

While we work towards this day, we know that many woman are not receiving the support, information and care that they need. This is not acceptable.

Cervical cancer prevention: The next step

Posted on: Thursday, 2nd February 2017 by