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Love heart button

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know about the new function on our forum, the love heart button. This button is here so you can let users know you are thinking of them.

Sometimes when you don't have a reply (or as well as a reply) and you want someone to know you are thinking of them and sending them your best, this is a way in which you can do just that.

Users won't know who exactly has pressed the heart button but its still lovely for them to know people are there reading their posts.

Any questions let me know.

Very best wishes,



Hi, I keep trying to post however it says unavailable try again later. Is there something I am doing wrong or a server issue? Have tried different browsers too? Thanks x


May ‘18- HPV pos.

Sept ‘18- Colposcopy & Biopsy

Oct ‘18- Results CIN 1, repeat smear Sept ‘19.

Jan ‘19- Early Rpt Smear due to Pain. Results CIN 3.

March ‘19- Colposcopy & Biopsy. Results confirmed CIN 3

April ‘19- LLETZ

Meghan Herring

 Hi NLHeme, 

Sorry to hear you were having problems posting. I've seen you have now been able to post but if you have anymore problems please do email me on [email protected]

With my best wishes,



Can someone tell me how I make a post please am I being blind? Cant see a new post button? 



Meghan Herring

Hi Jamjam92, 

Sorry to hear you are having troubles doing a new forum post. Hope these instructions help, if possible follow them on a computer/laptop as will be easier. 

1. Go on the Jo's forum: https://www.jostrust.org.uk/forum

2. Scroll down and choose the forum section you want to post in (i.e. Colposcopy) 

3.  Under the title for that forum section you will see a button 'New topic', select that

4. Fill in your post title, and then write your post. Press save.

5. As you are a new user wait for a forum moderator to approve it, then it should appear in your chosen section. 

I hope that helps, if you have any issues do feel free to ring the Jo's office as we can talk you through it on the phone.

Best wishes,






Please excuse my ignorance of technological terms but do you have to bookmark your post so that others can see it? Or does this hide it from others? Once you press save should your post show up pink and new on your own web page? How do we know when others can see it? 

Thanks for your time


1st ever abnormal smear hpv & severe high grade dyskaryosis August 2019 lletz September 2019 polyp & nabothian cyst found Results hpv & mild cell changes polyp innocent Repeat colposcopy Dec 2019 test of cure January 2020 results of test of cure; no high risk HPV present , check up colposcopy appointment in June because of the discrepancy between initial smear & lletz result - June 2020 repeat colposcopy & pap - all clear - discharged from hospital - next smear in 3 yrs Back again August 2020 following post menopausal bleed; more tests! Turned out to be hormonal/menopause related but they also discovered a small ovarian cyst which they will check again in 4 months; cyst was not related to bleeding


Great cool