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Cervical Screening Awareness Week

17th - 23rd June 2024

Going for your cervical screening isn’t always easy, and everyone’s experience is different. So many changes in life, from big milestones to how we feel day-to-day, can have an impact.

This Cervical Screening Awareness Week, we’re sharing different experiences from women and other people with a cervix: screening after giving birth, after menopause, after transitioning, after receiving the first invitation, and after being refused it altogether. 

We’ll also be sharing information, tips, and support on how to make attending your screening a little bit easier.

From 17th - 23rd June 2024, join the conversation on social media and use the hashtag #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek or #CSAW24


How to get involved:

Raise awareness about cervical screening – online and off:

Whether you are an individual, hospital or company you can share tips to help those who find attending their screening difficult. Our resources include posters and social media content to get you started:

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Set up a partnership or fundraising event:

Help raise vital funds for our support services, meaning Jo’s can be there for anyone affected by cervical cancer and cell changes. 

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Get talking about cervical screening. 

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Our cervical screening tips

Going for your cervical screening isn’t always easy, and everyone’s experience is different. So many changes in life, from big milestones to how we feel day-to-day, can have an impact. If you are looking for ways to make cervical screening (a smear test) better for you, there are lots of things you can try. 

  • Ask to book a longer appointment
    This gives you more time to ask questions and feel ready.
  • Bring someone you trust
    They can be with you in the waiting room or during your appointment.
  • Ask for a smaller speculum
    A smaller size may be more comfortable for you.
  • Wear a skirt or dress
    You can keep it on during your appointment to help feel more covered.
  • Talk to your nurse
    If you need any support or have questions, your nurse can help.

Don't be put off if a tip doesn't work for you. It may take a while to try a few things before finding something that works for you. But we're always here to help you.

Find out more about what to expect from your cervical screening appointment here >


Everyone's experience is different

We share real people's experiences of cervical screening and their top tips for others attending the appointment. Check out Jane and Emily's stories below or head over to our stories page and filter by cervical screening to read more experiences.


Emily on her first cervical screening

"I got my cervical screening (smear test) invitation in the post a few months before turning 25. I wasn’t necessarily nervous because I knew a few people who’d had theirs already who assured me it wasn’t a big deal, but it’s not knowing what to expect, isn’t it? My friends were right; the appointment was so quick. The nurse and I spoke for a few minutes and she explained everything I needed to know."

"After I got my results, my nurse told me about Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust where I could find information about the next steps. I looked on YouTube to see if anyone had made a video about their own experience but was surprised at the lack of content. It’s easy to feel like everyone’s cervical screening must come back fine and you’re abnormal, but once you speak to other people about it, everyone knows someone with a similar story."

Read Emily's full story here > 


Jane on cervical screening and the menopause

"I started having smear tests back in the 80s when I thought they could only test for cancer, and the science has advanced so much - I'd never heard of HPV and didn’t know the tests now look for that. I would like to see every cervix tested and loved and protected from cancer - no matter whose cervix it is!"

"Hopefully we won’t have any more lockdowns as the worst part for me was having to go by myself. For anyone who finds a cervical screening appointment difficult and scary, for all the reasons you could find it to be, that would be my advice: take someone with you that knows you and you trust. Someone to hold your hand. There is lots of support out there too. During my treatment, I reached out to the Jo’s Forum and the support and advice that I received from so many women was incredible."

Read Jane's full story here > 

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