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Time To Test

Cervical screening is the best protection against cervical cancer. But, did you know 1 in 5 women and people with a cervix who work say they haven’t been able to get an appointment they can attend?

Become a workplace who gives the Time to Test.

Time to Test logo1 in 3 women and people with a cervix do not attend cervical screening when invited. It can be a difficult test at the best of times, but for those who work, getting an appointment can be an additional challenge.  We found that 38% were unable to get a convenient appointment last time they tried to book, and pressures on the NHS as a result of Covid has only made this trickier. But what if you could make it easier?

We are calling on employers to play their part in raising the profile of cervical screening and cervical cancer in the workplace and empower their team to look after their cervical health. 

The pandemic has changed working practices for many and as some organisations are starting to look at the ‘new normal’, it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce Time to Test. Whether your team works in an office, the NHS, a factory, a shop,  or at home – however you work, flexibility to attend healthcare appointments and making Time to Test is as important as ever.


Here’s how signing up to Time to Test can have a huge, positive impact on your staff:

  • Time to Test can strengthen your Employee Wellbeing offer, a way of attracting and retaining staff
  • It sends a message to your team that their health is important to you 
  • Show your organisation’s commitment to cervical cancer awareness and play your part in preventing cervical cancer 
  • Promote a culture that empowers, values and supports employees in protecting their health
  • Contribute to reducing the stigma surrounding cancer and dispel myths about the disease

When you sign up, you will receive:

  • A certificate marking your commitment
  • Social media graphics so you can share the great news with your supporters, prospective employees and your staff
  • A template press release if you want to spread the news even further
  • A ‘Time to Test’ logo you can display in handbooks, on your website, and in recruitment packs
  • Inspiration and resources to help you further raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention 

Are you an employee? Do you want your company to sign up to Time to Test?

We have created a template email that you can edit and send to your HR team, your internal comms team, your line manager or whoever is best for you to contact. The letter tells them why Time to Test is so important and asks them to join in. You can also add your own text, once you have copied and pasted it to an email, if you have a personal reason for wanting to support. It's a Google Doc so you can easily copy and paste!

Companies already signed up

Here are a few of the companies who have already signed up and commited to the campaign:



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Whether it's a run, bake sale, or wearing pink to work day, get your workplace involved and help us raise awareness of cervical cancer!

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