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Leave a gift in your will

Each day we tragically lose 2 people to cervical cancer but with your help one day we will see a world where cervical cancer is eliminated. By leaving a legacy to Jo’s in your will you can help bring us one step closer to achieving this, while reducing the impact of a cervical cancer diagnosis until then. A gift to Jo’s is a lovely way of being remembered whilst supporting a cause you care about to make a long-standing impact.

Write your will for free 

To make it easier for you to leave a legacy to Jo’s we have partnered with two expert will services to provide our amazing supporters the opportunity to write a will for free.

Already have a will?

Wills can quickly become out of date if not regularly updated and research shows that 1 in 4 Wills are defective or of poor quality. That’s why we have partnered with expert will writers McClure solicitors to offer you a free will review. Their skilled solicitors will go over your will with you and make any relevant changes free of charge.

Our promise to you

Leaving a gift in your will is a big decision and it’s important that you make a choice that is right for those closest to you. If you do decide to leave a gift, here are our promises to you:

  • We promise to respect your privacy. We know that this is a very personal decision so will not put you under any pressure to leave a gift.
  • We will always understand that those closest to you come first.
  • We promise to use your gift in a cost-effective way to make a difference.
  • We respect that circumstances can change.  You can change your mind about leaving a gift at any time and will be under no obligation to explain your decision.

If you would like more information please call us on 020 3096 8100 or send an email to Nikita at [email protected].

"As my sister didn't have internet access I posted on the forum and within about an hour I had lots of replies"
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