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Leave a gift in your will

Today we are still working towards that mission but unfortunately each day we still tragically lose two people to cervical cancer. We know that with your help we can put a stop to this and once your loved ones have been looked after we would love you to consider creating your own legacy by leaving a gift to Jo’s in your will.

How will my gift make a difference to Jo's?

A gift in your will could be the lifeline one of our supporters urgently needs right now.

By leaving a gift in your will to Jo’s you will not only be directly helping to create a world where cervical cancer is a thing of the past but also be providing a lifeline to every person who needs us both now and in the future. Each year we receive over two thousand calls on our helpline from people who desperately need our support and we have only been able to keep our services like this going due to our amazing supporters like you. By leaving a gift to Jo’s in your will you can help us reduce the impact of a cervical cancer diagnosis while we work to reach our goal of eradicating cervical cancer forever.

After you have looked after your loved ones considering a gift to Jo’s is a lovely way of creating a legacy to be remembered by whilst supporting a cause close to your heart.

Write your will for free

To make it easier for you to write your will and protect your loved ones we have partnered with two expert will services to provide our amazing supporters the opportunity to write a will for free.

Writing a will FAQs

We know that writing a will can seem confusing that’s why we have put together a list of commons questions to help things become a bit simpler for you.

Our promise to you

  • We will always understand that those closest to you come first and will not put you under any pressure to leave a gift.
  • We respect that circumstances can change and if you do decide to amend your will we will never ask you to explain your decision
  • We promise to use your gift in a cost-effective way to make a real difference.
  • We understand that talking about wills can be difficult and we promise to treat you and your loved ones with sensitivity and respect 
  • We guarantee your privacy will be protected. Your will and details are completely confidential and we will never share this with anyone else 
  • We promise to be completely transparent and answer any questions you may have 

If you would like more information please call us on 020 3832 8000 or send an email to the fundraising team at [email protected].

Write your will for free

We've partnered with two expert will services to give our supporters the opportunity to write a will for free.

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